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What people are saying about Remedial Hypnosis

Veronica, Portugal

"I saw Sarah mainly because I was curious about this "non-trance" hypnosis but, being a fairly skeptical person, was not expecting to get a whole lot out of it.  Wrong!  In our initial conversation, Sarah seemed to easily figure out what was really bothering me (and it wasn't what I thought it was). 


When Sarah explained more about the process, the idea that it could produce meaningful results just seemed too good to be true.  At our second session, after guiding me into a relaxed state, in which I remained fully aware of what was going on around me, Sarah simply had a conversation with my subconscious and told me I could choose to let go of the emotional baggage I'd been dragging around for so many years. Wait.... WHAT?? Really? Just like that? 


Yes, just like that! I would be the first one to doubt it was possible, but there was no denying that I instantly felt a weight lifting.  As I write this now, some time after my session with Sarah, I can still say that the hurtful memories that had all too frequently reduced me to tears no longer seem important, and that feeling seems to extend to other less-than-pleasant experiences from the past.   


For a long time, I've told myself that I couldn't undo things that had hurt me in the past, but I could stop letting them affect my present...except I couldn't.  That is changing now."

Sav, Netherlands

“I went to Sarah to help me get over my fear of getting on a horse. I have been riding horses almost all my life, but unfortunately, I quit six years ago. My fear of getting on a horse came from a nasty fall that ended my riding career.


I’ve had two beautiful sessions with Sarah in a setting where I could be myself. She listened to my stories patiently and made me feel very comfortable. Sarah asked questions that made me think about what triggered my negative thoughts and emotions, which helped me enormously.


It felt like I went back to the moment in my life from which the old belief arose that getting on a horse can be dangerous. Thanks to Sarah, I can put things into perspective now much better. I no longer picture myself in the hospital when I get on a horse, but I am enjoying a ride and focusing on the good things. Both sessions made me feel a little lighter, and my hope of getting back on a horse grew.


After the first session, I was still very nervous, but I managed to get on a horse. After the second session, I got on a horse again, and I loved every second!! I feel that something in me has changed, and a new chapter has begun in which I revive my passion. I am enormously grateful to Sarah, and I would recommend her as a hypnotherapist to anyone, especially if you have any fear or problems with horse riding.”

Ashley, Canada

I had never heard of remedial hypnosis therapy before, always being a little skeptical of alternative health and wellness practices. But, I can now say after a couple successful sessions with Sarah, I am inspired and intrigued. I am left hopeful and optimistic to be able to improve and control stubborn ingrained habits that I had assumed I would be perpetually stuck with. 
Sarah is a realistic and grounded practitioner, whose approach felt gentle, safe, unintimidating and most importantly efficient and practical, addressing our subconscious to alleviate and shift the issues we struggle with. I would absolutely recommend booking a session with Out of Chaos Therapy for those seeking a positive shift or adjustment in their lives.

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