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Horse riders and Owners

As a horse mad child I rode every weekend no matter what, often coming home bruised and bloodied, much to the horror of my non horsey mother.  Over the next 30 years a pattern emerged - I would begin riding again, embrace it enthusiastically and then there would be a fall or nasty comment and bang! My confidence vanished and I would give up, disheartened and convinced I wasn't good enough.


I finally fulfilled my dream of having my own horse in 2010 - I now have five, all retired and living as naturally as possible on a Paddock Paradise track system. No one tells you how tough horse ownership can be at times but it's a lifestyle that gives far more than it takes.

Whatever your level of riding or horse ownership - from complete beginner to competition standard - if your confidence has gone missing or you feel there's a part of your mind that's holding you back from achieving your riding goals, talk to me. I understand and I CAN help you. The initial consultation is free to ensure this therapy is right for you. 


Career and Business confidence

Maybe you are just starting out in your career and you feel unsure of your capabilities, or maybe you feel you have hit a roadblock in your current position. Perhaps you are contemplating returning to work after a long break, or thinking about life post retirement.


No matter what your current situation, issues that are concerning you can be resolved with remedial hypnosis, quickly and permanently. These include;

*Imposter syndrome *Procrastination *Fear of public speaking *Low self esteem *Social anxiety *Lack of self confidence *Phone phobia

If you have any work or career related worries let's talk. The initial consultation is free so you have nothing to lose in finding out if this type of therapy can help you achieve your goals. 


Major Life Transitions


Having moved to an unknown country twice (Ireland and Portugal) I know only too well how daunting it can be. All the things that were previously taken for granted, such as  driving, finding a new circle of friends or simply adapting to a new way of life can be overwhelming and cause you to question whether you have made a terrible mistake.


It's perfectly natural to feel this way but if you are struggling and feel you have no one to talk to, please contact me. The initial consultation is free so you can check if remedial hypnosis is right for you from the first meeting. 

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