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Live the Life You Would Wish for Yourself.
Remedial hypnosis is a solution focussed method of making positive, permanent changes to the way you think, feel and behave. What would you like to change?

Remedial hypnosis does not involve trance so you are awake and alert throughout the process; you will learn how and why your mind works the way it does, and how you can gain long lasting control over your thoughts, feelings and habits. ​

It can be used with many issues, including;​

*Anxiety  *Trauma  *PTSD  *Phobias  *Pain control  *Eating disorders  *Smoking cessation  *Depression  *Low self esteem  *Confidence  *Relationship or work issues  *Anger  *Insomnia  *Public Speaking  *Imposter syndrome

Is remedial hypnosis right for you?​
Contact me today arrange a free initial consultation to find out!​

We can chat in person or by video.​

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts” Marcus Aurelius
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