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Out Of Chaos Therapy

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts” Marcus Arelius
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Therapy Sessions

What is Remedial Hypnosis?

I'm sure you are familiar with stage hypnosis as a popular form of entertainment but did you know that hypnosis has been used for thousands of years for healing, meditation and as a successful alternative to anaesthetic in dentistry and general surgery?

Your subconscious mind is present from birth and is where all your automatic thoughts and actions, your memories, your core beliefs, your creativity, your imagination and your emotions are formed and locked in; your conscious, logical thinking only starts to develop at around the age of nine.


So when you tell yourself that you're unable do something - be it give a presentation or ride your horse or stop smoking or overeating, or you feel that you're not smart enough or deserving enough - or just not good enough - to achieve your goals it's the part of your mind that formed that particular belief that is offering up the opinion.


It doesn't want to hurt you or hold you back - it wants you to be safe and happy but that in order to be safe and happy you must avoid the things that your mind thinks you're not capable of. It's working in good faith but with outdated, misunderstood or incorrect information that's no longer helpful or relevant to who you are now, today.

So where does remedial hypnosis fit in?


It allows you to identify the parts of your subconscious mind that are holding you back; those thoughts, feelings and behaviours which are blocking you from advancing in your career, finding a lasting relationship or doing whatever it is that will make you feel good about yourself. The changes made are permanent and life changing.

Remedial hypnosis doesn't involve trance so you are awake and aware of the process throughout. It can be used with many issues, including;

*Anxiety  *Trauma  *PTSD  *Phobias  *Pain control  *Eating disorders  *Smoking cessation  *Depression  *Low self esteem  *Confidence  *Relationship or work issues  *Anger  *Insomnia  *Public Speaking  *Imposter syndrome

Is remedial hypnosis right for you?

Contact me to arrange a free, no commitment consultation to find out!


A full course of three sessions (typically 45 minutes) costs €295 and can be arranged as a face to face meeting in Chãos,

12 km north of Tomar in central Portugal or by video link worldwide. 

Contact me today to change your life. 

Call +351 913 637 491


My Approach

One of the most important attributes of any therapist is to listen, really listen. It's not helpful for me to tell people what to do or to tell them what I would do in their situation - everyone's lived experience is individual and shaped by their own unique circumstances.

By connecting with your subconscious mind - your "inner child" - I can help you identify the ways of thinking, feeling or behaving which are no longer helpful or relevant to your life today. Working together we then gently realign them to reflect on your current situation. The changes made are permanent and transformative. 

About Me

I've had a varied career - from working in all aspects of the hospitality industry to spending 20 years as a mortgage broker in London and Dublin and, most recently, an Equine Assisted Training coach and farmer!


I have always be interested in the human condition and studied CBT to level 4 before training as a Control System Practitioner and then a Control System Workshop presenter. 


I have lived in Portugal for 14 years and with five horses, six dogs, three cats, two pygmy goats, 6 chickens and a rooster, life is never quiet!

Getting Help

It can be difficult asking for help. You might feel your problems are insignificant compared to others suffering, but taking that first step can  often lead to a great sense of relief. You are not broken, you just need a little help to understand that by understanding and challenging your negative thoughts you can improve every aspect of your life.


Contact me today -  +35191 363 7491 or



Anxiety is an emotion but if it gets out of control it can affect you both mentally and physically. Learn how to understand it and work with it rather than fighting it.


Self Esteem

Feeling bad about yourself can affect every part of your life and ruin relationships. Learn to accept yourself and see yourself as others see you. 



When a trauma happens the mind revisits it constantly in order to understand what happened. Hypnosis allows you to give your mind permission to let it go and  find peace.



Smoking or overeating affects your health at every level. Hypnosis uncovers the reason for the addiction and removes it from your life. 



A phobia can impact negatively on every aspect of your life. Hypnosis will retrain the subconscious mind to remove the fear, permanently to allow you to function normally. 

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