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What would you like to change?

Remedial Hypnosis has been used by thousands of people to deal with many different issues. Here are just a few of the issues I can help you with...

*Anger Issues *Anxiety *Bad Habits *IBS *Blushing *Confidence *Depression *Guilt *Insomnia *Intrusive Thoughts *Migraines *Motivation *Public Speaking *Pain Relief *Self Esteem *Smoking and many more...

Out Of Chaos Therapy

Out Of Chaos Therapy

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Meet Sarah Wellband
Founder of Out Of Chaos Therapy

In this program, we begin with an initial consultation so that we can get to know each other and to make sure remedial hypnosis is right for you. This is completely free of charge and there is no obligation to proceed further. This takes about an hour, but there is no time limit.

If we are both happy to proceed I will then book you in for three "change" sessions. These are normally once per week. In the unlikely event that more sessions are needed to complete the work, these are offered free of charge.

The cost for this program is £295

Please feel free to watch the video above for more information. 

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