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Horse Assisted Therapy

Horses live in the moment, without ego or judgement. They use their superb non-verbal skills to communicate honestly, clearly and without an agenda. They reflect our personalities and show us how to use the natural skills we have lost in the noise and confusion of the modern world.

Horse Assisted Therapy will help you to understand your communication style and how it affects those around you. By doing this you will develop these valuable skills;

•    The ability to really listen and be heard

•    How to resolve conflicts effectively

•    Creating boundaries and learning how to say no

•    Respect for your opinions and respecting those of other people

•    Stating your wishes and requirements clearly and with confidence

•    Understanding how your body language affects others

•    Being confident in who you are

•    Be successful with matching your external behaviour with your internal feelings


No prior horse experience is required and there is no riding involved in this type of therapy. Sessions last for 90 minutes including an initial assessment and debrief. Individual sessions are €50 per person, family groups (up to four people over the age of 12) are €95.

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